Suzumi Aogiri (梧 納涼 Aogiri Suzumi?) is a widow and a C-Genomer (tennyo descendant) from the Kansai region, Suzumi is a head of a branch of one of the Aogiri family's schools of Japanese dance. She welcomes Aya into her household when she discovers Aya has become Ceres' latest medium. Suzumi cannot become a tennyo like Aya, though she does possess slight psychic powers and abilities like clairvoyance and telekinesis. She is capable of making protective charms for Yūhi as he strives to aid Aya.

Suzumi is a decendant of the tennyo's like Aya. She has powers of her own but they are not as impressive. She is the one who relays the ledgend of Aya's particular tennyo to a not too happy Aya and convinces her to stay. Suzumi is very cool and calm personality.