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Toya (十夜 Tōya?) is a mysterious young man who has absolutely no memory of his past or the nature of his being; his only clues are two names: "Toya" ("ten nights", his name), and "Mikage". He was found and hired by Kagami and works for Mikage International, and later rebels against them. He and Aya are drawn to one another, not only in love. Toya is the embodiment/offspring of the hagoromo which Ceres is searching for. As he regains his lost memories, he sacrifices the immortality bestowed upon him by the celestial robe to save Aya. He is determined to protect Aya and his children (Miku and Aki). At the end of the series, he tells Yūhi that he may not live for long and that Yūhi should take care of Aya in his place once he dies. However, it is important to note that he is not just sure how long he will live as he is only a normal human being now. He doesn't have mana that will let him live forever anymore. He can die at any point in time just like a normal human.